Kality And Shegole Bus Depot / Administrative Buildings

Kality & Shegole Bus Depot is the first of its kind project for the City of Addis Ababa. The project is designed to be a comprehensive bus depot with a washing bay, maintenance and fueling stations, parking (both substructure and ground) and administrative buildings. The project is expected to provide a one-stop location for the city’s buses in terms of maintenance, parking, dispatch and washing service.

The main contractor of the project is China State Engineering Construction Company (CSECC), the company that has built the African Union and is currently undertaking the design and construction of the National Stadium and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, headquarter building, expected to be the tallest in East Africa. EASE has been selected to undertake the design and build of the two administrative buildings, one at each site.

EASE’s scope of work includes, undertaking soil investigation, design of the administrative buildings using the client’s preliminary design as a baseline but enhancing it through post-tensioning, excavation and earth work, concrete and masonry works for the substructure, concrete work, block work, roofing work, carpentry and joinery work, metal work, plastering work, finishing work, glazing work, painting work, planting work, electrical installation work, plumbing installation work for the superstructure; commissioning of the works and maintenance of the works. This project will be the first project in Ethiopia which will utilize a post-tensioning construction methodology. The application of post-tensioning will allow the project to enhance its durability, reduce its cost while providing design flexibility to allow for enhanced functionality of the structures. The project is expected to be completed by October 2017

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