East Africa Specialized Engineering (EASE)

About Us

Our core focus is delivering design and construction solutions for various structures that allow our public and private clients design flexibility,
structural integrity and durability, construction time efficiency and most of all, cost saving.

East Africa Specialized Engineering, PLC is a subsidiary of Africa Specialized Engineering, B.V., a Netherland based engineering firm specializing in providing unique and tailor made construction solutions that optimize existing and new construction projects.

Since the early 1950s, there have been considerable advances in the “art” and “science” of structural designs and construction through the use of better structural materials, refined knowledge of structural design processes and construction technologies and methodologies. Most of these advances, however, remain underutilized in various parts of Africa.

EASE hopes to bridge this gap through the delivery of advanced design and construction services to our clients.

Our Partner

We work in partnership with CCL, a U.K. based company and a global leader in the specialized engineering sector.
Our partnership allows us to find design and construction solutions to the most sophisticated and demanding engineering projects
CCL’s expertise covers post-tensioning, precast solutions, repair and strengthening, structural bearings and geotechnical applications .

Our Services

EASE has the local market knowledge, and the international expertise to be the right partner on all disciplines and scales.
In collaboration with CCL, EASE offers the following services:


Is a method of reinforcing concrete or other materials with high strength steel strands referred to as, tendons.


Clients who demand state-of-the-art design for their projects have come to the right place.


No matter how complex your engineering project, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.


We provide Heavy lifting solutions for various structures where such equipment cannot be used.


We bring global experience to local project management.


Using state-of-the art equipment, we provide steel structure erection and welding services.


CCL, through its specialist precast company Spiroll, offers solutions for existing precast manufacturers.


CCL offers a range of solutions which are designed to repair, strengthen and maintain structures.


CCL provides a comprehensive structural bearings package which includes inspection, design, supply, maintenance, replacement and installation.


CCL’s expertise in providing cost-effective geotechnical solutions includes geotechnical and foundation services and Surface jointless flooring systems.


CCL Post-tensioned Slabs deliver benefits which reduce costs and speed up construction and lower CO2 emissions.


CCL Vertical post-tensioning is particularly effective in seismic regions.


We hope to bridge this gap through the delivery of advanced design and construction services to our clients.

Our Projects

East Africa Specialized Engineering (EASE) has been involved in several engineering projects in Ethiopia
Some of our projects are listed below.

Kality & Shegole Bus Depot

Pullman Hotel

Pan Africa

U Street Apartment Building


EASE hosts technical conferences, seminars, user group meetings and participates in engineering events
Knowledge is what helps you make informed decisions.

Training Seminar for Ministries of Construction, trade and other government agencies.

EASE – CCL hosted a Training Seminar for Ministries of Construction, trade and other government agencies. As part of our capacity building program, we hosted the first of a three-part training seminar for Ethiopian government regulatory agencies. The seminar was held at the Ramada Addis Hotel on June 1st, 2017 and was attended by distinguished guests from the Ministries of Construction, Trade and other governmental agencies. H.E. Mr. (name), Capacity Building and Technology Transfer, State Minister.

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Meet The Team

Some of East Africa Specialized Engineering PLC team member are listed below
Feel free to send us any comments, feedback or questions.

Alula Iyasu

Position - Regional Business Development Director
Email - aiyasu@ease-int.com

Chris Saliba

Position - Structural Engineer
Email - csaliba@cclint.com
Tell - +251968601177

Mekdem Abera

Position - Director
Email - mabera@ease-int.com

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East Africa Specialized Engineering PLC will be changing our physical address to a differant location.
Please use our current and temporary location mentioned below.

Contact Info

Bole Sub City, Wereda 06
Jacros-Salitemehret RD
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
E: info@ease-int.com
P: (+251)968 60 11 77